Why Your Baby Hates You

Baby finally starts to settle into a decent sleep routine…and then suddenly, wham! They’re up every hour.

Baby finally starts to become predictable in their feeding schedule…and then suddenly, wham! They’re feeding every hour.

Just when you think you’re finally over the hump or turning a corner, your baby becomes a whiny, clingy, drooly, fussy mess again. What gives? read more

The Real Reason I’m Doing Videos Now, Too…

It’s taken 4 1/2 months, but I’m finally on YouTube as well (not counting the product preview we did of the JJ Cole Car Seat Cover we got for Tator Tot).

I love writing…it’s how I make sense of the world, it’s how I share my story. And I’m a storyteller at heart.

Sharing my experiences has always been important to me, because I know how it feels to THINK you’re alone in what you’re experiencing…and I know how important connection is. read more